Case Studies


Upper Blepharoplasty – Patient Story


Tuesday 14 November 2017

Arrived at the Wilmslow Hospital nice and early but Mr Saeed was running late so I started to get a bit nervous whilst waiting. Mr Saeed soon put me at ease.

Had before photos taken and then went into treatment room to meet the nurse that was assisting, she was lovely and helped me get comfy on treatment bed.

Had my face and eyes washed thoroughly then Mr Saeed drew on my eyelids where he was going to cut away the excess skin.

More photos were taken then I was covered with a sterile wrap with my hair out of the way ready for the dreaded anaesthetic needle.

I was very surprised that Mr Saeed was so gentle I only felt a tiny pricking sensation then nothing. I am a needle-phobe so was glad this part was over but needn’t have worried.

I could feel Mr Saeed moving about my eyelid but completely painless.

During the procedure Mr Saeed and the nurse explained what was happening and he cut the baggy excess eyelid skin out then there was a slight sizzling noise as he cauterised any little blood vessels.

When he removed the sliver of excess skin it went very bright, obviously it was like having the curtains opened on a sunny day. Next came the stitches, I could feel him sewing and could feel the thread on my face but again totally painfree.

Then on to the other eye, which I was told had more excess skin than the right eye. I think because now I knew what to expect with this eye it all seemed to go very quickly and before I knew it he was sewing up again.

When all was finished he unwrapped me from all the sterile drapes and cleaned my face and then put a layer of ointment on the excision line to protect it.

Mr Saeed said it looked very good and a great improvement already, he gave me a mirror to look at myself. Well I didn’t know what I would look like but to me it looked like a very good Halloween mask, red eyes with lots of stitches, beautiful !!

I had a cup of tea and a few biscuits whilst waiting for my partner to come and sit with me before my journey back to Leeds.

I kept my eyes shut most of the way home they were a bit stingy but my friend who had had this procedure done elsewhere told me to expect this so I was prepared.

Got home and took more photos then went to bed to try and sleep with my head elevated which didn’t really happen. My eyes were stinging and uncomfortable, not painful but not sleep inducing. Must have fallen asleep at some point through the night.

Day 2 -Wednesday

Did not sleep very well but when I got up my eyes were still a bit stingy but not as bad. Put the ointment on that I had been given. I had also been given some pads incase my eyes leaked but they didn’t they only watered in the corners a little.

Bruising going purpley this morning and spreading down to my cheekbones but the initial swelling was going down and you could see an improvement already.

My eyes were a bit blurry this morning but got better as the day went on. Just needed paracetamol as pain relief as not that painful.


Day 3 Thursday

Got home and took more photos then went to bed to try and sleep with my head elevated which didn’t really happen. My eyes were stinging and uncomfortable, not painful but not sleep inducing. Must have fallen asleep at some point through the night.

Slept better last night. Eyes not painful, easier to shut. Still a bit blurry when I first woke up. The bruising is coming along well, nice and red and moving down my cheeks.

Went out for coffee this morning with my sunglasses on of course, didn’t want to scare any unsuspecting children in the café.

The corner of my left eye is a bit prickly as the stitch is irritating so watched tv with one eye this evening.

Day 4 Friday

Had a shower this morning and let the water wash over my eyes which felt really nice and soothing. Had to put the cream on afterwards. Still a bit scabby around the stitches but putting the cream on helps to soften them.

Out for lunch today, with sunglasses again, nowhere exciting but nice to be out. Called into work to show the girls the bruising which is going slightly faded and purple. Swelling going down, still a bit prickly in corner of my left eye where stitch is irritating. The girls at work said they could tell the difference even with the colourful bruising.

Day 5 Saturday

Slept well last night but woke with neck ache. Don’t like sleeping elevated. Eyes were a bit sore this morning so showered and let water run over them which helped and then put lots of cream on to soothe them. Not really painful just a bit uncomfortable. Look like pink panda today.

Back to working from home doing emails.

Had my grandchildren to look after this evening, they looked at me a bit strange when they first arrived but I had told my son to warn them so they did not get too much of a shock.

Bruising going more faded but still a little sore on the outer corners so had a shower and let the water soothe them and them put cream on. Went to the park with the children which was nice to get some fresh air. Tired by the end of the day.

Day 6 Sunday

Grandchildren going home after breakfast so had shower, put cream on eyes, the bruising continues to fade but corners are still a little sore.

Was worn out with all the activity of having children for the day. Mr Saeed had said it was not a good idea unless I had help but the help didn’t happen so on reflection I should have not had them until after I had fully recovered.

Spent the rest of the day on settee watching tv. Then shower washed hair which made me feel a lot more human.

Day 7 Monday

Work today from home doing emails and phone calls.

Put some make up on my cheeks and face to try hide bruising before going to have my nails done, Mr Saeed had told me to buy new mascara and make up so I was using this to help avoid any infection. First time out driving but was fine.

Eyes still prickly in corners it feels like the stitches are tight and I will be glad to have them taken out tomorrow.

Day 8 Tuesday

Got the train to Manchester to have stitches out, as it was dark when I set off I didn’t have my sunglasses on and I got plenty of strange stares but it didn’t bother me I just drank my coffee.

Got to the hospital and was dreading having stitches out. It wasn’t too bad but a bit ouchy when he pulled, glad when it was over. Mr Saeed showed me how to massage the scars against my brow bone to help minimise scarring, put ointment on and I was ready to go shopping before train ride home.

Again got a few looks in the shops but hey I don’t care. My eyes feel so much better with the stitches out.

Slept well.

Day 9 Wednesday

Working from home again today all back to normal. Out for tea with make up on but no eye make up yet. Massaged scar 3 times as directed.

Day 10 Thursday

Back to work in clinic today, eyes much better and healing very well. When wearing my glasses it was difficult to see scars if you didn’t know I had had surgery.

Day 11 Friday

Getting better, ok to wear eye make up now so started with mascara and a good concealer which worked very well.

Out this evening on girls night out into Leeds with no one any the wiser as to my eye surgery 2 weeks ago. Brilliant.

Had to make sure all eye make up and mascara were taken off before sleeping and cream on but all ok.

Since then the healing just got better and better. Back to normal with make up it feels a little strange putting mascara on as the scar line feels a little strange. Still massaging the scars which definitely helps smoothen them out, they go a little red when first done but soon calm down.

The improvement is plain to see, no more baggy upper eyelid hanging over my eyes they feel nice and open. I cant believe how well they have healed in such a short period of time even though I am a bruiser.

I cant recommend this procedure enough. It might look painful but I can assure you it isnt only a little uncomfortable but not for long.

Thank you to Mr Saeed for his brilliant surgery.

Day 14

Still swollen round scar but massaging 3 times daily.

Day 15

Little eye make up today.

Day 22 Milia present near left scar which was removed.

Day 27