Facial surgery is a popular procedure among people of all ages. However, you must be a suitable candidate for this type of surgery before making your mind up. Having a consultation with a trusted professional will give you a definitive answer on this, but the following pointers can also help you.

You’re healthy in mind and body

You must be healthy in both mind and body before going through with surgery. You should be a healthy weight, and have no underlying mental health issues that could interfere with your body image. You shouldn’t smoke or drink to excess either. The best candidates are healthy and have a positive mindset.

You have realistic expectations

You can’t go to a surgeon and expect to come out looking like your favourite celebrity. You must have realistic expectations for your procedure. These days, technology can help you to get an idea of what can be done for you as an individual.

You’re doing it for the right reasons

There are both good and bad reasons for wanting surgery. Good reasons include doing it purely for yourself. A bad reason for wanting surgery is thinking it will fix your relationship or get you a promotion.

You understand the risks

You must understand the risks of surgery before going through with it. They are very real and you need to be prepared for them. In some cases, you may need additional surgery for the best results.

You’re willing to prep and take aftercare advice

Prepping for your treatment and taking the aftercare advice is crucial to healing well. For instance, if you’re a smoker, you may need to abstain for weeks before and weeks afterward.

You have support 

It can help if you have a good group of people around you for support. You may need help doing certain tasks, or people to cheer you up when you’re in a little discomfort.